First things

What are two of my defining characteristics?

1) Voracious reader.

2) Self-proclaimed opinionated know-it-all.

It therefore follows that I should write a blog wherein I review the writing of others, right? Well, I thought so, but seeΒ number two above.

SO, I will be using this space to review the things I’m currently reading. Keep in mind that my book-o-sphere is vastly diverse. I am currently obsessed with YA fantasy, but I read everything from Dickens and Austen to obscure new writers that no one has ever heard of (some of those are my favorites). I also read things in the realm of non-fiction:Β  books about music, herbal medicine, witchcraft (the ancient and modern kinds), art, living well and well-being, and many things in between. There will likely be a lot of fiction reviews here, so if that’s not your cup o’ then read elsewhere.

Now, it only makes sense to have a ranking system. Since a great deal of my time is spent consuming caffeinated beverages, then I will rank on a scale of 1 to 5 coffee cups. One coffee cup meaning this probably isn’t worth your time, and five cups meaning holy cow I could not stop reading this and so I needed five (probably more) cups to stay awake and finish it, whew!

I think that covers it. Stay tuned for my first review. I’m in the middle of a series right now so that doesn’t seem like the right first review. When I wrap that up, I’ll be reading Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James. Here’s hoping it’s not pedantic.

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